Are You a Good Leader?

Whether you're already managing a team or want to become a successful leader, strong leadership abilities are absolutely necessary in both your personal and professional roles.

This is a free diagnostic survey to help both experienced and emerging leaders understand their leadership style so they can develop their skills and knowledge about leadership.

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Why You Should Assess Your Leadership Style

Have you ever wondered what type of leader you really are? Are you more focused on developing people or getting a task done? This short quiz will tell you!

Learn about your leadership approach in this 20 question quiz. It will take less than 3 minutes to complete. The questions have been adapted to help you pinpoint whether you are task and people orientated, and how this helps or hinders your leadership success.

This is your chance to join hundreds of other leaders using this tool to help them strengthen their leadership skills, build better teams and think like a leader.

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Leadership Survey

Do you want more high performing and productive employees and a great culture in your organisation? This survey highlights how you can achieve these results by focusing on both people and tasks.

Having leaders and managers who are skilled and confident is one of the best ways to foster positive workplace culture, employee engagement and health, which in turn, enhance business performance and productivity.

Conduct this survey and learn more about what what it takes to achieve the success you want.

All data submitted in this survey will remain confidential, and individual responses will not be shared with any third party. Zark Consultancy will use this data in aggregate for research purposes only.

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